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Cali Hibachi

$55 per adult
$45 per kid
Starting at a $350 service fee
$500 minimum
seating not included
tables and chairs available for rent


Chicken image


Spiced grilled chicken marinated with Asian sauces.

Steak image


Seared seasoned steak marinaded in soy sauce.

Shrimp image


fresh shrimp seasoned and grilled to perfection

Caliyaki Garlic Fried Rice image

Caliyaki Garlic Fried Rice

Traditional fried rice with eggs, garlic, and vegetables.

Hawaiian Mixed Green Salad image

Hawaiian Mixed Green Salad

Fresh mixed greens with crispy wonton strips and a Hawaiian glaze dressing.

Choice of Soup or Bread image

Choice of Soup or Bread

Miso Soup
Bread Service

Caliyaki Garlic Noodles image

Caliyaki Garlic Noodles

Garlic Chinese noodles tossed in garlic and teriyaki sauce, soy sauce and spices.

Mixed Veggies image

Mixed Veggies

an array of mixed vegetables, chefs pick

Chef's Dessert Choice image

Chef's Dessert Choice

Chef's choice of dessert, could be cake, pie, cobbler, etc

Extra Add-Ons

Honey Spiced Glazed Salmon image

Honey Spiced Glazed Salmon

Broiled salmon with a special honey spiced glaze.
$80 feeds 8 adults

Scallops image


Grilled seared scallops seasoned and topped with fresh herbs

Lobster image


Fresh lobster cooked and seasoned with butter and herbs.

Crab image


Fresh crab boiled and seasoned, topped with garlic butter.

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